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We train teams around the world
to bring the gospel in a sustainable way
from house to house
to different cultures

discover-bible studies materials & video

These trainings illustrate in a simple way, how open people can be guided to discover the God of the Bible and establish a relationship with him. The site is aimed at people who have a concern to promote and empower mature believers to follow Jesus practically with head (thinking), heart (loving) and hand (practice).

The trainings have been tested by us and by motivated partners with whom we work together. As a result, uncountable new discover-communities have been created in some countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. The lessons were deliberately kept simple and can therefore be easily implemented and disseminated.

We are a consciously nondenominational association that also works with partners from different Christian denominations.

Start: Discover more about Jesus

This 7 Stories of Hope are perfect for you...
If you do not know jesus and are interested in learning more about him?
If you think you know him a bit, but in reality does not know exactly who he is?
It's exciting and easy to discover togheter in groups. let's go!

Whenever possible, discover the topics with your family, friends & network. Discover makes the most sense in a group!


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Advanced: grow through discover

1. Repentance-Forgiveness

2. Follow Jesus and be baptized

3. Knowing the Spirit of God

4. Live by Grace

5. Pray-­Relationship with God

6. Community Experience when Eating

7. Exercise Authority

8. Healing and Deliverance

9. Persecution and Temptation

10. Give

11. Spread the Gospel

12. Family-Community

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